Gorgeous pool photos

Many thanks to Patrick Midway for sharing these! The first pic is of East Poplar; the second, Northern Liberties; the third, Cruz; and the last, Hancock (all of which are between 8th and Front Streets and Master and Fairmount).

Patrick writes, “I love swimming, and I also was unaware of how many free public pools the city has to offer until last summer. I always saw people at the pool at East Poplar last summer on my commute home from work and I decided to stop one evening for a swim. The pool is used by mainly all Black people, I’m white. I was welcomed into the pool and became somewhat of a regular for the summer and it was a great experience. Whenever I ride by I make a point to give the lifeguards a shout-out.”

IMG_2580IMG_2619Photo Jun 28, 4 24 21 PMPhoto Jun 29, 2 57 52 PM

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